PR Diamond was founded by Phil Rizzio in 1983 with the primary goal of providing contractors quality diamond blades and bits that make cutting jobs highly profitable, effective & efficient.

Our team has spent countless hours refining our blade technology to meet the highest demands of the toughest cutting jobs. For over three decades we have been developing leading-edge metal bonds for numerous types of masonry, concrete, asphalt, marble, granite, and stone materials. During this time we have constantly engaged in extensive research and field testing and are proud to say we have developed the highest quality diamond blades & tools available in the industry. But no matter how well designed or manufactured our blades are, we are constantly striving to improve our products in order to achieve the results our customers deserve - THE BEST!

Each of our products is backed with a written warranty that is second to none in the industry. That’s why our motto for three decades has been, “ONE BLADE AND WE GOT-YA!”

PR Diamond Board of Directors

Leo Schafer

President & CEO

Following 18 years in banking and the financial services industry, Leo and his wife Katie purchased PR Diamond in July 2014. Leo began his career in Colorado with a national bank’s corporate and government credit card fraud ... Click for more

Katie Schafer


Katie and her husband Leo purchased PR Diamond Products in July 2014. Katie attended University of Nevada Las Vegas, majoring in early childhood education. Upon graduating she taught kindergarten for the Clark County School ... Click for more

Phil Rizzio


Phil Rizzio is the founder of PR Diamond, which bears his initials. Phil’s philosophy was as sound as his goal in starting the company 35 years ago, which was to provide the highest quality diamond products that would make his ... Click for more

John Laub


John Laub, CPA, CMA & CFA, is the founder and president of the Nevada Biotechnology & Health Science Consortium. John is also president of the Regenerative Medicine Organization which is based in Las Vegas. John was appointed ... Click for more

Stephen A. Schneider


Steve spent his entire working career in banking and the financial services industry. He began his career with Bank of America in California in 1974 and rose through the ranks in the commercial banking arena ... Click for more

Don Ahern


In April 2015, Don F. Ahern was added to our board as a Director. Mr. Ahern is the President, Chief Executive Officer and a member of board of directors of Ahern Rentals (since February 1994). Prior to that, since 1978 ... Click for more