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Eibenstock Hand Held Concrete Core Drill 2-Speed


Ideal for drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block and stone, the ETN 2001 P heavy-duty wet and dry diamond concrete core drill has high torque output. Use hand-held or rig mounted. Two-speed gearbox provides the optimum RPM for hole sizes up to 4-inch diameter. Electronic torque limitation and speed control guarantee constant RPM even under load.

This machine offers wet and dry diamond core drilling with the same tool. Replacing the water seal is easy and can be done on the job. This eliminates downtime and expensive repairs.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Power Input

15 AMP

Rated Voltage

110V ~

Load Speed

0-800/0-1,570 rpm

No-Load Speed

1,100/2,300 rpm

Drilling Diameter

free hand up to 3 1/4", with drill rig up to 4"

Spindle Connections

M 18 male + 5/8" x 11 UNC + 1 1/4" x 7 UNC

Collar Diameter



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Eibenstock ETN 2001 P Hand Held Concrete Core Drill Features:

  • Electronic – soft start, temperature control and GFCI overcurrent cut-off, optical overload indication
  • 2-speed oil bath gearbox – optimal lubrication
  • Mechanical safety clutch
  • Water supply on the gearbox extension
  • Use for wet and dry drilling
  • Additional handle – variable adjustment on the collar