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What People Are Saying About PR Diamond

Don't just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

"Our drill operators have stated that cutting cores appears to be faster and easier with the new PR Diamond bit. And we have noticed an improvement in core barrel life. With the bits we had been using previously, we were able to cut approximately 25 to 30 cores before we needed to change out core barrels. With PR Diamond bits, we have been able to cut 45 cores and the bit seems to still be going strong. Although the PR Diamond bits are more expensive initially than the Hoffman bits, we are finding that the bits we get from PR Diamond are more cost effective and make for better cutting."

Wayman E. Roberson

Division Supervisor

Alabama Department of Transportation

"Sometime ago I took on jobs building patios with very large and thick pieces of sandstone. These stones were 6 to 8 inches thick and had to be cut and fit very close together. I didn't think this would be much of a problem until I tried to cut them with a brand 'X' blade. The first blade lasted about 4 hours and cost $400.00. The second brand 'X' blade cost about the same and lasted about 2 days. Now I knew I was in trouble! Then I ordered PR Diamond's 710 blade. That blade cut all of the job and the next job and is still cutting! Your motto of 'one blade and we got ya' is absolutely true!"

Walter Barkley


Barkley Excavation

"I would just like to say that I have had great success with the PR Diamond line from day-one. The blades are a little more expensive than the competition, but the quality proves the difference. Our customers have been extremely pleased with the performance as well on the rental side. The average charge to the customer has dropped considerably and I am also getting longer life on them. PR Diamond blades are our go to blades. As a rental company we need blades that will withstand the beating they get from continual use by our customers. PR Diamond blades accomplishes this for us!"

Derrick B.

Store Manager

United Rentals

PR Diamond is committed to constant innovation in order to offer you the leading edge with your toughest cutting jobs at the most competitive prices. Don't settle for less than the best! With PR Diamond, one blade and we got ya!

Why Choose PR Diamond?

Highest Quality, Competitive Prices

Insuring your cutting jobs are as profitable as possible is PR Diamond's number one priority. That's why we are committed to developing the highest quality products at amazingly competitive prices. Our diamond blades and cutting tools will outlast and outperform those of our competitors, consistently making even your toughest cutting jobs more profitable, effective & efficient.

Top Rated Customer Service

Considered the finest in the industry, PR Diamond's customer service team is always on the ready to quickly assist with all your needs. We make sure you don't miss a beat when working a cutting job. Our customer service team is an extension of your team. We are here to serve your every cutting need!

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

PR Diamond is a team of industry professionals with over 150 years of combined experience out in the field not only selling diamond blades & equipment but also operating them. You can rest easy knowing that when you work with us that we understand your cutting needs inside and out.

Fastest Delivery Times in Industry

When you need new blades, accessories or equipment for your cutting jobs you don't have time to waste. Everyday you have to wait for something is a day you aren't able to effectively get your cuts done. We fully appreciate how valuable your time is and are always working to make sure you are quickly & fully equipped to keep your cutting jobs moving and making money. Our blades & equipment are all warehoused at our Las Vegas offices so you don't have to worry about delayed drop shipments or lost deliveries.

100% American Company

These days American made products are far and few between. This ultimately equates to poor product quality as well as lost jobs here in this amazing country of ours. Many of PR Diamond's products are made and/or assembled in America. We are dedicated to representing our country through superior quality and creating jobs right here at home.

Who is PR Diamond?

PR Diamond was founded by Phil Rizzio in 1983 with the primary goal of providing contractors quality diamond blades and bits that make cutting jobs highly profitable, effective & efficient.

Our team has spent countless hours refining our blade technology to meet the highest demands of the toughest cutting jobs. For over three decades we have been developing leading-edge metal bonds for numerous types of masonry, concrete, asphalt, marble, granite, and stone materials. During this time we have constantly engaged in extensive research and field testing and are proud to say we have developed the highest quality diamond blades & tools available in the industry. But no matter how well designed or manufactured our blades are, we are constantly striving to improve our products in order to achieve the results our customers deserve - THE BEST!

Each of our products is backed with a written warranty that is second to none in the industry. That’s why our motto for over three decades has been, “ONE BLADE AND WE GOT-YA!”